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Installing Plugins

WordPress allows you to install software known as plugins these extend the functionality of WordPress beyond the standard install.

Some example of plugins can include

  • SEO plugins
  • Security plugins
  • Contact forms
  • Gallery plugin
  • Back up plugins
  • These are just a few examples, there are literally thousands of plugins available via the official WordPress Plugin Directory.

    These steps below will guide you through how you can install plugins on your WordPress hosting account

    1. Login to the WordPress dashboard for your site. (

    2. Select Plugins from the menu

    3. Click Add New

    4. Using the search box, search for a plugin you wish to install

    5. Click Install Now on the plugin you wish to install

    6. Your plugin will now be installed

    7. Click Activate to activate your plugin

    8. Go back to the plugin screen and you will see all the plugins you have installed, active and deactivated

      Some plugins come with additional configuration/settings etc. so you my notice new menus appearing on the left

    Last Updated: 14 September, 2018

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