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Softphone Client for Android

1 Download and install the Zoiper client from the Play Store

2 Open Application

3 Enter the Config menu

4 Select Accounts

5 Select + Add account

6 Select Manual Configuration

7 Select SIP

8 You need to have 4 pieces of information ready from the OneVoice Portal:

a. The Device Name

b. The Realm Name

c. The SIP Username

d. The SIP Password

9 The Device name is also needed but this is a friendly name so doesn’t need to exactly match the phone

10 Copy the details into the Zoiper configuration:

a. The Device Name into the Account Name field

b. The Realm Name into the Host field

c. The SIP Username into the Username field

d. The SIP Password into the Password field

e. Enter into the Outbound Proxy field

11 Select Save

12 When you have saved the config you will see the Account name on the account list screen. The Green dot shows the account is ready:

13 When you go to the main Dialler, Ready will show in green in the dial area.

14 You are now ready to use Zoiper

Last Updated: 14 September, 2018