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Number Porting


You have a number or range of numbers on your existing PBX that you wish to have delivered to your OneVoice system.

Types Of Port

There are a few things to consider.

  • Is your number a single Geographic number
  • Is your number a Geographic range of numbers
  • Is your number a Non-Geographic number
  • Is your number a range of Non-Geographic numbers
  • Is your line an ISDN line delivered under a single number but carry a range of numbers
  • Pricing

    Please contact our sales team on 01925 818 448 or email at


    Please complete the correct porting forms (Links below) and attach a copy (on your own headed paper) to our support team here

    You will receive a ticket number and be kept up to date with progress.


    For single ports we can normally turn these around within 10 working days.

    For multi-line ports we would expect these to complete in around 25 days.

    These figures incorporate SLAs of third parties which are outside of our control.


    As soon as we are advised of a porting date, we will advise you.

    We would recommend the numbers are added to the OneVoice system at this stage, if not earlier.

    You may wish to consider making the following amendments to ensure a seamless transition:

    Assign the numbers to the correct user, or endpoint along with a temporary number from your list of spares.
    Program your existing legacy PBX to forward calls for the numbers to the temporary numbers.
    This will mean that you can begin accepting calls one OneVoice before the port completes.
    When the port completes, we will test.

    Once confirmed that the port has been successful you can remove the forwarding and temporary numbers as you desire.

    Letter of Authority - Geographic Letter of Authority - Non-Geographic

    Last Updated: 25 September, 2018