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Firstly, go to and login with your Username and Password

Make sure the subscription is selected as SMS Cloud Call, then click Qunifi OneVoice

Click Manage Service

You will see your PBX Dashboard

What Is A Group

A group is simply a collection of users who can be contacted via a single number.

In it’s most basic form, a group will default to being a Hunt Group or Distribution Group. That is, a group where the calls are distributed to all members in an order you specify.

Groups can also be set up to hunt or hand calls over in a sequential fashion.

Later, when we look at Callflows, we can examine more advanced group types knows as Ring Groups.

Creating A Group

Lets start by clicking on the Groups menu icon on the left.

Next we will click on Add Group.

We should give the group a name and a number.

You may wish to give groups numbers from a different range to extensions so these are clearly differentiated in your directory.

Add Users

Drag your users over from the box on the left, into the Selected Users area.

Save your selection.

You can now see that the three users I have assigned to the group appear in the Members area of the Group summary. If you click in that area you will see something similar to the screenshot above.

What this screen is telling us is that there are 3 members in the group and that calls to the group will ring simultaneously on all 3 users devices for 20 seconds.

We can amend the sliders if we wish to alter the way in which the calls arrive.

We have amended the timings in the above screenshot so that User One rings first. After 30 seconds, User Two begins to ring.

User One continues to ring for a further 30 seconds (60 in total) so both User One & User Two have the opportunity to answer the call.

1 minute in and User One ceases ringing but User Two continue to ring, joined by User Three. (will someone please answer the phone!)

User Two continues to ring for a further 30 seconds and then drops out. User Three will continue to ring for a further 30 seconds.

Each phone has rung for 60 seconds but the caller has been awaiting an answer for 2 minutes. We will look at what happens to unanswered calls later.

Save your changes.

Add An External Number

So far the group target number (1010) can only be dialled by internal users (extension to extension).

So let’s add an external number.

As we did for users, we can click in the Phone Numbers area and select a number from our spares.

I am going to select a number and add it

The number appears in the Phone Numbers area. But what is particularly useful in Groups, is the Prepend option available from the Cog Wheel options.

Here, I have chosen to prepend incoming calls with the word Group.

Now, when an external call is ringing for a user in the group, their device display will clearly show the word Group prepended to any incoming Caller ID. This will help differentiate incoming group calls from calls made directly to the user.

Group Features

As with users, groups, too, can have a selection of features associated with them.

  • Call Recording: Allows for inbound call recording to the groups allows
  • Ringback: Sets a customised ringtone or message to callers while they are awaiting answer.
  • Next Action: This is where you can define what happens to the call if it goes unananswered. There are several options as can be seen in the following screenshot.

  • Allow Call-Forward: This feature allows a user, whose device is ringing with a group call, to forward the call elsewhere. In the interests of customer service, it is not recommended to make use of this feature generally.
  • Caller ID Prepend: This feature will prepend incoming internal caller ids with text of your choice. Be careful not to use any spaces in the Caller ID Number Prefix field as they will be ignored. Instead you can use the hyphen - symbol.
  • Save your settings

    Last Updated: 14 September, 2018