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Disabling Voicemail

Firstly, go to and login with your Username and Password

Make sure the subscription is selected as SMS Cloud Call, then click Qunifi OneVoice

Click Manage Service

You will see your PBX Dashboard

Click Voicemail Boxes

Click on the spanner icon to enter the Voicemail Box edit screen.

Click Delete and Confirm.

Next click Users from the SmartPBX menu.

Click on the VM icon in the User Features area.

Deselect Voicemail from the list of Features.

Disable Voicemail to Email and Save.

The changes will come into effect within 24 hours (updates overnight)

Once the change has been updated by the system callers to the number in question will receive the message ‘The user is not available and does not have voicemail’.

Last Updated: 14 September, 2018