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How to Release Virus/Content Blocked Email

Certain types of email may be caught by the FutureSpam filter, these include viruses and content, sometimes these th4se are not a threat and you would like them to be released, due to the way the FutureSpam service works, you cannot release these types of email unless you are an admin, all FutureSpam accounts have a central login in which gave you the admin access needed to release them, however this can only be done for the billing account holder and you can only have one admin account per customer.

You will need to be granted admin access first before following these steps below, please ensure you are the account/billing contact we hold on file, to request this access please click the button below


Once you have your login details please follow these steps below on how you can release email classified as viruses and content blocked


Please Note
Before releasing these types of emails please make sure you know the sender and they are genuine as failing to do this could cause your computer to become vulnerable

1. Go to and sign in with your username and password

2. Under Display Filter change this to either Virus or Content

3. Tick the mail you wish to release

4. Under User Options select Deliver E-mail

Last Updated: 29 April, 2019