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Outlook Setup for Windows

Firstly you will need to close outlook (If open) and then open the windows control panel, steps on how to access the control panel can be found here

Then open the Mail window which can be found under users accounts if not listed, then select Show Profiles

If you already have Outlook setup then you will need to create a new outlook profile

Select Add and enter a name for your profile and press OK

Now enter your Name, Email Address and Password

Click Next and the setup process will start

You may be prompted to enter your password, please enter and press OK

Now the account will be setup, press Finish

Your account will now be setup, finally start Outlook 2016

Note: On computers where you have had a previous mailbox setup in outlook there is
one final step you need to do, from the Mail windows in Show Profiles, you will see an
option ‘When starting Microsoft Outlook, use this profile’ select Always use this
profile’ and select the profile you have just created from the list, you will then be able
to start outlook

Last Updated: 13 September, 2018