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Connect your Office 365 mail and contacts

The best way for Office 365 to keep their Office contacts and Nimble records in sync is to enable direct syncing using the Office365 REST Importer. Nimble enables Office 365 subscribers to import contacts from their account via the REST API. It’s important to reminder that all contacts in your Outlook account from the “Your contacts” list will be added to Nimble.

In Settings » Networks & Imports, locate the Office 365 REST connector and click “Connect”.

A pop-up window will display giving you the option to sign into an existing Office 365 account. Choose which account you would like to sign into or click “Use another account.”

After signing in, your Office 365 account will be synced to Nimble. The account should now be connected and you’ll be able to send Group Messages and import your Office 365 connections.

Last Updated: 14 February, 2019