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Connect your Office 365 calendars

Nimble CRM integrates with Office 365 to keep contact and calendar information in sync across all services:

  • Events are synced from Office 365 to Nimble on an hourly basis when you are actively signed into Nimble and every 3 hours if you are not actively signed into Nimble
  • Events created in Nimble will be synced to Office 365 on the web and desktop immediately
  • If you would like to edit or delete an event after it has been created, you will be redirected to make changes in Office 365
  • Invitees for events will receive an invitation in their email inbox

How to get started

Get started by navigating to Settings » Networks & Imports in your Nimble account

Once you click “Connect”, you’ll your Office 365 account and select the calendars you want to sync over.

Once you connect your calendar, it will appear in your Nimble account under the Activities tab.

Last Updated: 14 February, 2019