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Migration FAQ & Walkthrough

Thank you for purchasing Office 365 from SMS, we have put this process and walkthrough to help you through the migration process and what will happen on the day of your migration

Migration FAQ

Whilst we do try to limit the amount of downtime you may receive, you may experience some when mail flow is switched over to office 365. Your new configured outlook profile will appear empty, this is normal and part of the migration process. If you are administering the DNS yourself, then please make sure you add the record we supply you correctly. Entering these records incorrectly will result in loss of email.
Your data will be migrated once you have confirmed all mailboxes have been accessed and setup in your mail application - Each user will receive an email from MigWiz with a subject starting ACTION REQUIRED. Please follow the instructions in this email to complete the data migration.
  • Outlook Signatures
  • Outlook Categories/Colours
  • Local Outlook Rules
  • Outlook Custom Views
  • Autocomplete Entries/Recent Senders
  • Local Contact Groups
  • Public Folders
  • Custom Tasks
  • Contacts, Calendar and Tasks on POP/IMAP Mailboxes
  • Local Folders
  • Mail including Folders
  • Calendars
  • Contacts
  • Tasks
  • Notes
  • Server Side Rules
We will keep your old mailboxes on our servers for 7 days, if you need this extending please let our support team know and we will continue to bill you for them until deleted

Setup Instructions

We will email you on the day of the migration to confirm we need to verify your domain on office 365, this is done by adding a dns entry called a txt record, if your domain is registered through ourselves or we manage your dns we will take care of this for you and provide confirmation to you.

If your domain is registered through someone else or dns is handled by a 3rd party we will give you two options

  1. We can add this record for you with log in details to your domain registrar or dns control panel

  2. We can provide you with the txt record in order for you to add this

Further dns changes will be required as part of the migration as these are required in order to migrated over to office 365

Once we have verified the domain we will then provision all mailboxes, aliases, groups and any permissions currently in place, if you are coming from another provider will we ask you for these details if not already confirmed to us.

If any additional add ons are required such as futurespam or office 365 services we will add them at this stage

For Business Premium and E plans you have the option to install the latest version of the office software which includes outlook, word, excel etc.

To install the office software please click on your os version below

If you have signed up for Office 365 Business which is the office software only this can be downloaded by signing in here

If we are managing your dns we will make the final changes for you and confirm you can go onto the next stage

If you are manging your own dns we will email you the final changes which need to be made, once you have made these changes you can goto the next stage

Please be aware dns changes or propagation can take anything from 24 to 48hrs to roll out, if you have any issues with the setup on the next stage it may be due to this and you may have to wait some time for the updates to go through

You will receive a temporary password for all your office 365 mailbox(s) by email, please select the platform you want to setup below

Once you have setup everything, confirm back to us and we will then start your data migration, you will be sent a email from and it will look similar to the one below

Once you have confirmed your details and accepted the migration process will begin, if here are any problems we will notify you

We will confirm once complete

Once you migration has completed we will confirm tis to do and will give you 7 days to make sure you have all data, after 7 days all your old mailboxes will be deleted

If you have any further issues or queries need answer please open a support ticket by emailing

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