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Delegate Access Permissions

Granting Delegate Access

+Click File in Outlook

+Select Account Settings and Delegate Access

+Select Add

+Select Add

+Find the user or users you need to grant access to, highlight and click Add and OK

+You will now get ‘The delegate has the following permissions’

+Select which permission you need to give the user or users (Calendar, Tasks, Inbox, Contacts and Notes) Select from Editor, Author and Reviewer - If none are required use the dropdown and select None

+Finally Press OK and OK again

Congratulation delegate permissions are now in place

Accessing a mailbox which has been delegated

+Click File, Open & Export, Other User’s Folder in Outlook

+Enter the users name or click Name and select from the address list and press OK

+Select the Folder type which has been shared e.g. calendar and press OK.

You will now see the shared resource

Last Updated: 13 September, 2018