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Exchange - Android

On newer versions of Android, this is setup using the Gmail application which replaces the inbuilt Email Application however some devices may use their own mail application so the settings screen may appear differently to as below, however the settings remain the same

  1. From the main menu select Settings

  2. Then select Accounts, Add Account and Exchange

  3. Enter your email address and click next

  4. Then enter your mailbox password and click Next

    +For Exchange 2010 SP1
    ++Username: Email Address
    ++Password: Password
    ++Port: 443

    +For Exchange 2013
    • Username: Email Address
    • Password: Password
    • Server:
    • Port: 443

  5. Click Next then Finish

    Still having problems? try switching the device off and on and/or toggling the wifi off and on and try the setup again

Last Updated: 24 September, 2018