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Transferring my domain away from SMS

Transferring all types of domains

If you wish to transfer your domain away from SMS to new registrar please complete the form below

If you are keeping your email and/or web services with SMS and plan to transfer your DNS over to your new registrar please ensure you have added the all the dns required to keep these services running first, Please contact support if you have any issues

If you are transferring away a .uk domain please make sure you have your new IPS tag from your new registrar before completing this form

All transfer out requests will be processed within 24/48 hrs

We will confirm via email once your request has been processed

*If you require your name servers to be set yo your new provider please fill out the name server field below and we will ensure these are set before processing the transfer out, we are unable to update these once the transfer out has been processed

Last Updated: 2 May, 2019