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Transfer In Non-UK Domains

If you are only transferring the domain to us purely for billing purposes and will be leaving DNS management on the NameServers of another organisation then you can now safely initiate the transfer to us as at step 1 below.

However if you are wanting to use our Name Servers you will need to have populated our control panel with all of the records that exist in your current providers DNS control panel so that, at the very least, all of your current working services continue to do so during the transfer phase. If you have not already done that then please do so now before proceding any further. Full instructions on managing DNS settings via our control panel can be found here

You will need to obtain an EPP or Transfer code from your existing registrar. Instructions for doing that will be available in your existing providers panel.

Whilst doing that please make certain that your domain is unlocked for transfer and that the e-mail addresses for the registrant and administrator contacts are set to something can actually receive mail on before you initiate the transfer order with ourselves.

If you need to update those records then please do so but then please wait 24 hours before getting the Transfer code.

+Next, go to and login with your Username and Password

+Click Hosted Domains

+Click Transfer Existing Domain

+Enter the domain you wish to transfer, enter the transfer key obtained from your exiting registrar click Next

+Tick the subscription as Default NS Subscription and click Next

+Read through the Terms and Conditions and tick the box to accept then click Next

+Now confirm your order and click Place Order

Please allow 1-14 days for the transfer to complete

Last Updated: 15 February, 2019

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