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Creating a Mailbox

Please add the domain name as per instructions here before creating a mailbox

These instructions are for our Hosted Exchange service only, for Office365 please refer to.

  1. Login to with your Username and Password

  2. Select the correct subscription ID from the drop down at the top right corner of the screen, this needs to bematch the subscription you are creating the mailbox on before submitting the creation of the mailbox

  3. Click SMS Email Management

  4. With the Mailboxes option selected click New

  5. Enter your First, Last, Display Name, Login (First part of your Email Address) and Password

Please check that you’ve selected the correct domain if you have more than one from the drop down list

  1. Tick the mailbox level (plan) you wish to create the mailbox on and click submit,

  2. Your mailbox will now be submitted for creation, please allow 10-15 minutes for it to complete

Last Updated: 19 February, 2019