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Ordering new services

There are two ways for customers to order new services on their account. This guide covers ordering within the customer control panel. The alternative is to use the SMS Store and type in your SMS user account details when prompted.

When logged into the billing control panel customers will see an option to ‘Buy more services’

Choosing these leads onto the categories page. Each product is contained within an overall category

Once in a category a full list of products will be displayed. This can be a long list so customers may need to scroll down to see the product needed.

Some services have options for 1 month or 1 year contracts. If this option is available, customers should select their preferred one.

The final step gives options to place the order, or add additional resources first (adding additional resources is for buying more than one licence)

A final confirmation screen will appear showing what the overall invoice value will be.

Last Updated: 21 December, 2018